tom krailing: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, farfisa organ.
was the singer and guitar player with the pride who released three albums. he produced two solo albums «the buffalo ballet» and «electrostreet».



hendrix ackle: wurlitzer & fender rhodes electro pianos, acoustic piano & guitar, lead vocals track 5, vocals.
hendrix isfrontman of his own band hendrix/cousins. his partner richard cousins was former robert cray band in the 70s. they released two albums.



tom etter: electric & acoustic guitars, cello, harmonica, percussion, vocals.
former starfish tom etter plays a million of instruments, most of them with switzerlands best known band züriwest.


jean zuber: electric basses, doublebass, vocals.
all the kids know and love jean because he is bass player with schtärneföifi which had an enormous hit with «heicho». played with maozinha, michael von der heide and scuba divers.



martin fischer: drums, vibraphon, micro modular, percussion.
fisch was the drummer of «der böse bub eugen», a band that almost everybody knows. now he has is own new project named «disco doom».